By lemaster 02 Feb, 2016

A bathroom may be the smallest room in your house but it’s the riskiest to renovate. And one of the most expensive rooms on a cost per square foot basis.


As a remodeling contractor I have learned a lot and seen a lot. One of the most common problems I have seen after a hundred or so bathroom renovations is not design or layout but the quality of the craftsmanship. And the quality is not always visible.

Example, take a look at this typical renovation where a bathtub was removed and a shower was built,  As you can see it appears this was a pretty nice job, but what you can’t see is the quality of the work that ended up costing this home owner more than double what the original renovation costs were. 

This bathroom had to be completely renovated again plus some additional repairs were required a mere three years later. All because the first remodeling contractor was about a thousand dollars cheaper. What they failed to tell the home owner is what corners they were cutting to accommodate the cheaper price. This remodeling contractor failed to install a P-Trap which accounted for the odd smell that was present all of the time. They did install a liner but did not install in correctly and did not water proof the shower curb. The failure of the last two caused the wood rot and sheetrock damage. You can take my word, after redoing three of these last year alone the original contractors could not be located.

When renovating bathrooms I think the home owner should feel confident that their remodeling contractor is using well trained craftsman as well as the best material to provide not only a nice looking finished product but also a quality product.

I find the best way to help the home owner feel more confident is to educate them. I always explain the renovation process starting with the demolition techniques to reduce dust, the plumbing and water proofing process that will eliminate renovating again before your tile selection even goes out of date and the proper care and cleaning of the tile and glass to get as much time as possible out of your new bathroom.


Remember when you’re getting ready to renovate your bathroom or any part of your home, cheaper is not always better.


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